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Get A Whiff Of Life Outside The City

Welcome to our humble abode

The traffic, pollution and long waiting hours often make us long for a simpler life. Everything from farm fresh produce, clear blue skies and outdoor activities become a bit of a luxury.

When you walk through our gates and past the swaying palm trees, you will feel at home with nature. Our resort has luscious farmlands, luxurious suites and activities that promote ecotourism; making it the perfect getaway resort for the Mumbai and Pune crowd. It brings you a step closer to organic living without letting go of city comforts.

Urjalife’s Pravaah is ideal for Corporate retreats, where employees can get away from the stressful city habits and enjoy an unurbanised lifestyle.

We welcome you to the paradise we call home!

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Why Choose Urjalife's Pravaah

Urjalife’s Pravaah is one of the few resorts in India that aims to combine sports, yoga and meditation, adventure tourism with farming and agriculture. We want to create an atmosphere that lets you, unwind, unurbanize and take in the stress free living presented at Urjalife’s.

Activities that make your stay memorable.
Here’s what we have to offer:

Our Vision


A Military Mindset Weaved Into Lifestyle

Located in the heart of Maharashtra, with river Urmodi on one side and Mahadeo Ranges of Sahyadri on the other, Apshinge has over 2,000 ex-army men out of a total population of 5,800 inhabitants. It was a tradition to send at least 1 child into the military during both pre and post-independence.

People of all ages live a very disciplined life, forming a strong sense of community. Certain village activities are aimed to keep that sense of brotherhood alive.

Most festivals are celebrated in the village in a traditional way. Parayan, a holy Satsang, is an integral part of the village culture, bringing the entire community together.

Additionally, the Gram Sabha regularly conducts healthy discussions on eminent issues surrounding overall development. Apshinge is slowly becoming a self-sufficient town; a role model to all its neighbouring villages.


A Vision in 1997, A Reality in 2021

‘Urja’ in its purest form, is the infinite energy that emanates from anyone it finds lively and worthy.

Urjalife’s has a unique story that started a small dairy firm with 2 cows and is currently a home to the Urja Naturals Brand with 1000+ happy cows grazing our farmlands.

It all started in 1982, when Captain Shankarro Deshmukh, an Ex-Army Maratha Commander, laid the foundation of the Agro Farm; making it the stepping stone of our resort. It took us 22 years to build Urjalife’s Pravaah as you see it today.

Over the years, we have moulded Urja to be the perfect amalgamation of the rural and the urban. We have noticed the dire need for corporate employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Hence, we have strived to create an unurbanised setting for corporate retreats.

Additionally, our turfs and range of tours and activities aim to normalise an active lifestyle. Our Dairy Brand, Urja Naturals, plays a small role in making dairy products via healthy farming practices.

The current version of Urjalife’s Pravaah plethora of fun activities that you simply cannot finish in just one stay. Rides, tours, games, spas, gym, – you name it, we have it all!