Yoga & Meditation Center


Restore Your Inner Peace

They say yoga helps you heal, but breathing in the heavily polluted air in the midst of the busy city is not doing you any good. While you can do yoga anywhere and everywhere, you can reap its benefits when you do it in the right environment.

Our yoga and meditation centre makes for a perfect health retreat for meditators and yoga loves. Here, our visitors can experience the true nature of yoga and meditation in a tranquil environment, separate from the rest of our resort.

Our Amenities

Our Yoga Meditation Centre is built to overlook a small garden, a pond and a Shiv temple. Additionally, we wanted give our our Yoga enthusiasts the right environment and diet. The Sattvik Bhojanalay takes care of all your dietary needs in a peaceful environment, separate from our Food Zones.

We couldn’t complete our meditation centre without a quite place to rest. Hence we built a special accommodation facility – a place of solace. Our 9 Kutirs are inspired by the Navagrahas in Hindu mythology. Group accommodation facilities are also available at Vishranti – made specially for Yoga tourist groups. Additionally, we have a Pond Villa and Master Villa, for Yoga Gurujis.

Sattvik Bhojanalay

The Sattvik Bhojanalay stays true to its Ayurvedic Origins by making food with Sattvik ingredients that impart peace, calmness and happiness.

Meditation Lawn

The Meditation Lawn is a great place for outdoor meditation. The lush greenery and the dense flower bushes create a fresh tranquil atmosphere.


The ultimate symbol of immortality, Lord Shiva was the first yogi to be granted all yogic knowledge. Our temple is blessed with his presence, strength and knowledge.

Navagraha Kutir

Our Kutirs are the epitome of simplistic living. Each of them are complete with a bed and a bathroom. The rooms are also fully air-conditioned, ensuring you maintain peace and comfort.

Meditation Hall

Watch your worries fade away as you indulge yourself in a controlled meditation centre. Our hall blocks out external disturbances so that you can focus on your inner peace.


We have a fully functional library for truth seekers who like to engage in a bit of reading during their free time. The library is quiet and spacious like the rest of the Yoga & Meditation Centre.