An Unforgettable Camping Experience

Here’s the ultimate camping destination in Maharashtra


Set Camp Under the Sahyadri Mountains

The traffic, pollution and hectic lifestyle make it near impossible for the Mumbai and Pune crowd to go camping. Urjalife’s can give you two things the city cannot – fresh air and a place to set camp.

We have tents for solo campers, couples and families, making it the perfect destination for large-scale camping. We set up bonfires for the ultimate camping experience. Additionally, with our open theatre at close range, we can play movies/specially made footage for campers to enjoy.

Urja provides the perfect opportunity for novice campers to rekindle their relationship with nature while being in close proximity to city comforts at close range. We also take the necessary precautions to ensure safety, making it the perfect destination for campers of all age groups.

We sleep on the bed, under the fan every single day. If you want to live a little on the edge and try something different, you should try camping with Urjalife’s!