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Experience our rich cultural heritage with our local population

A Rich Heritage That Makes You Feel At Home

A part of what makes Urjalife’s Pravaah so beautiful is its close proximity to Apshinge village. We take pride in sharing the opulent folk culture amongst our urban visitors.

Urjalife’s Pravaah aims to mitigate the gap between the rural and the urban and what better way to do it than through art? With a rich warrior history behind them, the Apshinge village is known for their age-old martial art techniques. Here at Urja, you can witness this unique art form in close range.

Additionally, the local inhabitants have an assortment of local dances and music that has been passed through the generations. Every folk dance lets you experience the village as one of the locals.

The true nature of an unurbanized lifestyle comes from the activities we indulge in. The local population is proud to make you a part of their seasonal activities. So, bring out your inner child as you fly kites, go on rides, make earthen pots and indulge in a plethora of activities only made possible at Urja.