Sports & Learning


Captain Shankarrao Deshmukh Sports Academy

Spread over a generous 60 Acres, our CSDS Academy was built to make international level practice and tournament fields accessible to all our visitors. An active lifestyle is a crucial part of good health and the CSDS academy plays a small role in making sports a part of everyday life.


Range of Sports to Choose From

Summer Fields

International cricket turf for practice and tournaments suitable for under 19 cricket matches.

Monsoon Mists

Semi Olympic sized swimming pool, steam bath and rain dance area gives a monsoon atmosphere.

Frost Net

Outdoor pitches and nets are equipped with video screenings to improve individual performance.

Winter Courts

Spanning out with 3 tennis court, volleyball court, Basketball court, kabadi & kho kho grounds, our Winter Courts are nothing short of a sports paradise.


Knowledge is Power & We Want to Empower!

We are the strongest when we are self-reliant. Our unhealthy corporate lifestyle makes us lose touch with important life skills like farming and agriculture. That is where our Skill Development Centre comes in. Our state of the art infrastructure includes classrooms and conference facilities where students can get an immersive learning experience.


Our 3 Fields Of Knowledge

Sports Field

Learn everything from playing cricket to talking about and filming the sport. We provide cricket and umpiring coaching as well as sports journalism and photography. This field of training is open to anyone who enjoys sports.

Agriculture Field

Learning basic and advanced agricultural concepts come a long way. Our courses include traditional farming, modern farming, logistics and market management for agricultural produce, horticulture technologies and floriculture and market avenue.

Dairy Field

Those who like to work with animals will enjoy our Dairy Field Course. Livestock management, calf development, fodder management, milking processes, hydroponics and organic manure management are covered in this course.


Fun Filled Team Building Activities

Our resort stems from the intention to create an unurbanised lifestyle – the perfect amalgamation of work and fun in the right environment. We provide engaging tours and amenities that normalise an active and healthy work-life balance.


Active Living is the Way to Go!


Take a second to relax at our Purple Retreat Spa where we provide relaxing full-body massages, aromatherapy, manicures, pedicures and other body treatments that are bound to make you feel rejuvenated.

Modern Gym

Soul Fitness brings to you all the modern gym equipment for both seasoned sportspeople and amateurs alike. Now, you don’t have to miss out on your leg and arm days, even when you’re on vacation.

Adventure Tourism

Located at the heart of Sahyadri mountains, it brings us great pride to take you on an overnight trip to explore the rich terrains. Additionally, we have a range of activities like a day long trek to Pateshwar, mountaineering etc.